Friday, May 16, 2008

@Override is your friend

When Java 5 came out, I had my head down teaching and wasn't really paying attention. I've since started working with it and have been using annotations for "big" tasks like Hibernate/JPA metadata. I was pretty underwhelmed by @Override - one of the only stock annotations. When I implement toString, I know I'm overriding the method on Object. Who cares?

The other day I was beating my head into the desk trying to figure out why a Swing table wasn't editable. I had overridden the isCellEditable method on JTable, but the cells weren't editable. Then, I remembered something from the annoations tutorial I'd read at some point: "While it's not required ... it helps to prevent errors." So, I added @Override, and sure enough - I'd misspelled the method name, just the sort of error that @Override can prevent.

I've got the religion. And like any recent convert, I suggest you get it too.


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