Monday, May 12, 2008

Data Driven, my eye!

I've started using the WebTest web testing framework. Mostly, it's pretty cool. However, I have a bone to pick with screencast demonstrating the dataDriven task.

  1. There's a "slide" that says "Do you know the dataDriven Ant task?" I know of no such standard Ant task. It turns out that it's specific to WebTest. Not really clear.
  2. They show no configuration steps to use it, implying that it works out-of-the-box. I don't know if my environment is wacked (I installed from the developer build, as they suggested), but I had to add an Ant taskdef referring to com.canoo.ant.task.PropertyTableTask, and I only found that by looking in the source.
  3. The screencast shows running ant at the command line, which is how I've been running my tests, but I had to run their webtest script instead. Again, maybe my installation is wacked.
  4. I really wish it could handle data in a TSV/CSV/text file, since I don't have Excel installed on the machine where I'm running these tests, but it only seems to accept an xls file.
  5. Just to add insult to injury, Google Spreadsheet (which I'm using to generate the data file) seems to append a bunch of empty lines to my spreadsheet, which causes the dataDriven task to repeat the last line 90-odd times.
Charles - aka Cranky Pants.

OK, so it sucked to be me, but not any more. I figured out my various issues with the dataDriven task. It turns out that the screencast (clearly) shows them developing in the tests directory of a WebTest project. I missed that and tried to use dataDriven in the top-level build.xml in a target that didn't declare wt.defineTasks as a dependency. Guess what wt.defineTask does - yup, it does the taskdef.
I coupled that breakthrough with breaking down and using Excel to create the xls file (instead of exporting from Google) and viola - I'm livin' large and no longer cranky.


P.S. Apologies to Cheech and Chong.

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