Sunday, July 06, 2008

Converting a Django Site to newforms-admin

Right after I learned about Django at OSCON 2006, I created a prototype to replace an existing PHP site. Due to various distractions, I haven't done much with that Django site since then and it never went live, but I've come back to it recently.

My first order of business was to upgrade from 0.95 to something modern. The first stop was to upgrade to trunk. Following the instructions on the Django site, I got it running on trunk and only had to change maxlength to max_length in my models.

Since, newforms-admin will be merging with trunk soon, porting to newforms-admin was my next step. I pointed my django install at my newforms admin svn tree and let it rip - i.e., I didn't bother reading any documentation or anything.
It blew up with a nasty-looking traceback that ended with this:

func(self, *args, **kwargs)
TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'prepopulate_from'

A quick Google search turned up this thread on the Django Users mailing list. Five minutes of reading the newforms-admin wiki page and refactoring my code, and I was up and running. So, despite the ugly-looking traceback, it just wan't that bad.

Granted, my project is pretty small because I never had much time to work on it. However, all in all, the conversion process from 0.95 to the bleeding edge of newforms-admin was pretty painless.

Another happy Django user,

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