Friday, August 17, 2007

New iMac

Even though I was wishing for a Core2 Mini, when it was (finally) released (somewhat silently), I opted instead for one of the new iMacs, and I'm loving it.

My original plan was to get a Mini and use a KVM along with the PC boat-anchor that I keep around for a client. However, after using a KVM for a while with other PCs, I realized that KVMs can be kinda hokey. For example, my KVM makes a keyboard look generic - i.e., it hides any special keys. Also, although I have a cool 22" Viewsonic LCD, it's not as nice as an Apple display.

I opted for the 20" 2.4Ghz model with the stock 1GB of memory. I was very pleased to see how easy it will be to upgrade the memory when I get a few extra dollars. The 24" was pretty tempting (the price is quite reasonable), but I figured if I ever need a larger display, I can use the external video connected to my (somewhat inferior) Viewsonic for a ~40" display experience.

The CPU is hella fast, although I admit I'm comparing it to an 800 Mhz G4 iMac which was significantly taxes (~20% CPU) running Firefox and Gmail. To date, the only time I'm maxed out the two cores was converting audio files into MP3 with iTunes. My Internet is still only 128K ISDN, which makes for slow Gmail, but Steve Jobs can't be expected to fix that.

The new, thin keyboard is something that cannot be appreciated in a store standing over it. You have to sit in front of it with a real chair in a real working position to appreciate the nice ergonomics. My one gripe is that my thumb drive is too fat to fit in the USB sockets.

And finally, the Apple educational discount and promotions were sweet. After the rebates, I'll have a free Nano and printer, both of which I gave to the wife - score!

Anyway, Joe Bob says, 5 stars (on a scale of 4) - check it out!


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