Thursday, January 24, 2008

Remove Office on Mac sux

The Remove Office program that comes with the trial version of Microsoft Office just sucks. The two times I've used it, it's failed. The first time, I had my old iMac connected via Firewire (target disk mode) to my new iMac. I ran Remove Office on the new iMac to remove the trial version, and it removed the non-trial version on my old iMac - without even asking me which version to remove. Now, on my new MacBook, I tried running Remove Office (without any other computers connected), and it couldn't find the trial version to remove - never mind the fact that I was running Remove Office from the folder containing Office.

My advice to anyone is to just use 'rm -r' from the Terminal window. If you just drag it to the trash (without emptying the trash), the trail version will keep launching.


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