Sunday, January 20, 2008

Exporting from ExamView to Moodle

I've just started using Moodle for a course (more on that later), and I wanted to import some questions I wrote using ExamView into Moodle. Although our version of Moodle (1.8?) suggests that it can import EvamView questions, it failed for me. I came across this post that suggests that it isn't even supported - at least not by the company that makes ExamView. Based on that post, here's what I ended up doing:
  1. From ExamView Pro (version 4.0.8) export as Blackboard 5.x, which is a zip file.
  2. Unzip the zip file.
  3. Import the .dat file into Moodle as a Blackboard, not Blackboard V6+
(And, all of this is made more complicated by the fact that I've basically abandoned the PC for the Mac, and I only have a version of ExamView for the PC. Praise be to VMware for Fusion.)

There may be a simpler way to do this, but it works, which is all that matters right now. It would be swell if I could automate the process...



Mr. Hay said...

We're looking into doing this as well, I'll be blogging about it soon as well.

Mr. Hay said...

Hmm, perhaps I should read my comment before hitting the publish button. I meant to say that my school district is starting to use Moodle (and uses ExamView), and that we're looking into the best way to export ExamView tests/banks into Moodle.


Rachel_Baxter said...

Thanks a million! Worked like a champ for me. Now my students will take their midterm exam via Moodle instead off of link on my website. thanks again!