Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VMware ESXi default resource pool name

I've been playing around with ESXi trying to figure out how to use their Remote Command Line Interface (RCLI) to import and run a VM. This has been a major PITA, which I suppose I could have been documenting as I go but I didn't. (Full disclosure - I'm doing this without any formal training, without their snazzy Virtual Infrastructure tools, or anything else.)

According to VMware's RCLI Installation and Reference Guide, the data center and resource pool parameters to vmware-cmd -s register are optional, but nonetheless, it kept telling me "Must specify resource pool".

Eventually, I found a forum thread that contained the answer: Resources. (Kinda like "plastics" only different.) I don't have a data center set up, but I found that using almost any word for the data center name seemed to work.

So, in the end, this is what worked for me (your milage may vary):
vmware-cmd  [conn options] -s register '[datastore-name] vm-dir/conf.vmx' root Resources


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